What is Membership

The Bible calls each of us to be a participating and contributing member in our local church and to grow in our spiritual walk with God. Membership is a defining moment for each of us as we formally 'step out of the stands' and publicly affirm a commitment to Jesus Christ and to a local church.

Why is membership important?

In a general sense, you are simply committing to the fact that you want to grow in your walk with Christ and be part of the community at Centre Street Church. As well, you are saying that you agree with the vision, values and direction of this body and you will use your gifts in ministry to help accomplish the vision. These are the specific statements that all members agree with as set out in the Membership Covenant.

Protect the unity of my church
Share in the responsibility of my church
Use my gifts to serve the ministry of my church
Support the testimony of my church
Seek to be a fully devoted follower of Christ

Discover Your Church Membership Class

Discover Your Church Membership Class is a pre-requisite to becoming a member of Centre Street Church. We will explore the beliefs of Centre Street Church, as well as the meaning of having a personal relationship with Jesus. This class is held multiple times a year.

The next class is:

  • Saturday June 3rd, 9am - 12pm

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The requirements for church membership are as follows:

Profess faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
Baptism as a committed follower of Jesus Christ.
Commit to living according to the membership covenant.
Complete and turn in the Membership Application form.

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