Discover Your Design

God created all people in His image, yet He made each of us unique so that we reflect His image in a way that no one else can. The challenge is that many people do not know themselves very well. Not only do we need to grow in knowing and experiencing God, we also need to grow in knowing who God created us to be. In fact, Christians throughout the centuries have discovered that we must grow in both these areas together, as they are integrally intertwined.

We invite you to participate in our "Discover Your Design" resources, either by attending one of our workshops or by requesting the printed materials for you to use with your CSC Community Group . Additionally, we have listed some tools below that can be helpful on your journey to go deeper in knowing the unique way that God created you and desires to use you for His Kingdom purposes. This journey takes courage and persistence but the reward is great as we experience more freedom to be ourselves and increasing awareness of our Creator’s love and His desire for us to fully become all He has created us to be.

For printed resources, please visit our CSC Appleseed bookstore, or email