Young Adults' Ministry

A Community Answering the Call

We are a community of young adults passionate of who God has called us to be: ambassadors of Christ wherever we go, seeking to have Jesus at the center of everything we do!
We are excited that God is moving mightily and powerfully in and through our young adults. Join us expectant for what God has in store for us this season. 
We are excited to see you!


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Communities of Young Adults

College & Career (18-24)

College & Careers is a young adult community geared towards ages 18-24. Whether you have just finished high school or are in university. We know how important it is to be connected with other believers. Come join us!

Careers Plus (22-30)

Careers Plus is a community for those who are 22 – 30 and have begun to establish their career. Whether you have entered the workforce or are beginning your career and wanting to connect with others in the same stage of life.This is the group for you!

The Core/YA Professionals

The Core is a community for those ages 25 -30’s who are looking to connect with others that are focused on studying the bible, and applying it to their lives. Join us as we dive into the word of God together!


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Bridgeland YA Fall Retreat!

Bearspaw YA Fall Retreat!

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