Bibical Purpose of Our Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors assume responsibility for God-honouring stewardship of the ministry and resources of our church. They serve the ministry of our church by providing leadership in the development of policies and monitoring progress of ministry goals that support, protect, and sustain the vision.


Board Member Committees

2019 - 2020

Board of Governors Committee

  • Teresa Davidson, Chair  
  • Michelle Bonnier, Vice Chair
  • Brian Hennig, Secretary
  • Angie Redecopp, Treasurer
  • Edwin Beaman  
  • Geogy Joseph  
  • Melanie Nelson  
  • Wendell Klassen
  • Yewande Daniel-Ayoade
  • Lane Irvine 

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Angie Redecopp, Chair
  • Wendell Klassen 
  • Jason Schroeder  
  • Warren Vandale  
  • Julia Sugityo    

Human Relations and Compensation Committee

  • Geogy Joseph, Chair  
  • Michelle Bonnier
  • Edwin Beaman
  • Yewande Daniel-Ayoade
  • Tyler Cleveland 
  • Chidinma Thompson 

Ministry Health Committee

  • Melanie Nelson, Chair
  • Brian Hennig
  • Lane Irvine
  • Dennis Wenaas 
  • Marwan Atiyeh 

Staff Liaisons

  • Henry Schorr, Senior Pastor  
  • Gentry Stickel, Executive Pastor
  • Kent Priebe, Executive Pastor
  • Wayne Smele, Executive Pastor

Staff Liaisons

  • Norlee Flaaten
  • Gentry Stickel
  • Chris Yu

Staff Liaisons

  • Wayne Smele
  • Gentry Stickel

Staff Liaisons

  • Kent Priebe
  • Greg Grunau



Ex officio member on all Standing Committees

Lay member