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We all have a need to be part of a close-knit community, a place to belong, grow, laugh and serve with others as we learn to love God, love each other, and share God’s love with our neighbours and the world.

Community in the time of COVID

During this new reality, we see an amazing opportunity to connect with each other - even if it is a little different than what we've done in the past. In this unique season of life, we're finding innovative ways to build relationship with each other (IN), to engage with and learn from God's Word (UP) and to reach out to those God has placed around us (OUT). 

While we can’t meet in person, that does not mean we are taking a break from community. We are continuing to connect with one another through our Online Community Groups. Join a community group today!

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Community Group Resources

Here are a few documents we compiled to help in making your online group meetings run smoothly.

Guidelines to Meeting in a Group Online
Some DOs and DON’Ts when leading or joining an online group meeting

How to setup Zoom and Recommendations
Step-by-step instructions on starting up/joining your online group.

Suggested Agenda for Meeting with your group Online
For leaders, here is an idea on what your online group meeting can look like.

Ways to Stay Connected
A list of creative ideas to connect with your group and neighbours.

Continue the conversation after each service, with these 3 discussion questions!
For a Bible study guide based on CSC’s weekend service sermon, created by a team here in CSC, use this to direct the study/conversations in your group.

Meet Our Community Pastors


Wes Gorman

Pastor, Community Groups

Jacob George

Community Pastor

Ashwin Ramani

Community Pastor

Warren Wiebe

Community Pastor


Barry Danylak

Pastor, Single's Ministry

Kevin Trick

Pastor, Men's Ministry

Jared Harrison

Associate Community Pastor

Jan Varner

Women's Group Director

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