Giving Instructions

How to Make a Contribution

1) Click link and login

2) Enter your pin

3) There will be four icons on bottom of the page

Recent = Show your giving history. Please note at this time, it will only show donations through this new platform.

Payment = Make a donation        

Automated = Set up a regular giving schedule

Account = Update giving information

To make a donation, click on Payment

4) Click on the green plus sign to add credit/debit cards

5) Fill in the fields and click on "Add Card" button

6) Type "Centre Street Church" under search and click on "Give Now" button

8) Fill in the fields

  • Enter the amount
  • Enter where you would like it designated. If you wish to set up multiple designations you can do so, each as an individual schedule. Enter the amount of the first designation with the date to be processed and click set up automated giving, click on give. Then click on Return Home, Give Now and enter your next designation.

There is an option to cover the processing fees (see FAQ)

To Setup automated giving:

  • Give = select when you would like to give
  • On which day of the week

Automated giving can be set up for the 1-28 of the month. Unfortunately,  at this time, we are unable to add start and end dates for a contribution.

9) Finally click on the blue colored "Give" button