L'eglise dans Lanaudiere

Quebec, Canada

Serving in Mexico in the 90s, my wife and I realized there was more spiritual needs in French Canada than in Mexico. This is what inspired us to work at planting a Church in Lanaudiere, an area of Quebec where at one time the needs and indices of suicide were the worst in Quebec. Our Church was then born in December 2012 and we inaugurated our first building in June 2016.

Our goal is to be a Church renowned in our area for the fruits and love of Jesus` Spirit. We want Jesus to be known by His love in action through His people in Lanaudiere. We believe Jesus is the only solution to the many problems in French Canada. Unlike Mexico where poverty seems to be a big problem, here the suffering has its source in the souls and relationships, in families and couples. We want to be a tool in the hand of God to bring healing in all these aspects so that people realize how great and loving Jesus is.

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