Light to the World

Chisinau, Moldova

Pastor Vladimir leads Light to the World Church in the heart of Chisinau, Moldova. This church is creative in reaching those people who have not heard of Jesus. Through their outreach arm, Beginning of Life, they have:

  • An Urban Centre to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders.
  • “House of Change” is a centre that provides rehabilitation and reintegration for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • “Dream House” is a prevention centre for at-risk girls, ages 14-17.
  • PAS: an art studio that uses art as a powerful tool to allow victims of violence & abuse a place to heal.
  • Humanitarian Aid Centre to distribute food, clothing & hygiene items to the most vulnerable and needy.
  • Early Learning Centre to support single mothers to prevent child abandonment as well as to empower them to develop their children for a better and safer future.


Moldova is one of the epicentres of the world’s epidemic of injustice and human trafficking. Moldova is a small former soviet union country nestled between Romania and Ukraine. The majority of Moldova’s population is poor and unable to work due to the lack of opportunity. Children and families are heavily affected by these realities, and many of them are with no understanding of who God is. Though the nation is known for its poverty and rise in injustice, the church is making huge impact because they are ambassadors of Christ. The hands and feet of Jesus that is bringing light into a place of incredible darkness.

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