Revive Church

Sheldon & Candice

Revive Church launched in October 2019 and then went into pandemic lockdown in March 2020. They saw God  bring the core team together and more people engaged in the ongoing ministries of the church. Revive grew in weekly attendance with an average Sunday gathering of 35 people with 25 committed as core participants. Through the next 8 months of meeting online, they saw God do the miraculous! Weekly online prayer meetings, bible studies, and home groups were started while livestream “reach” also grew. Due to low Covid numbers in the province, church re-opened in October 2020, exactly 1 year since the original launch! As they began to meet in person again they saw the physical evidence of what God, in His grace had been doing in the life of the church during the lockdown and Revive moved into a season of accelerated growth. With the increase in attendance literally every ministry in the church, from set-up teams, to worship ministry, to children’s ministry had also grown. Lockdown comes and goes yet we know God is faithful and in control. We have every hope that in His grace, God will continue to build His church.

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