New Canadian Friendship Centre

Who We Are

We walk alongside people who are new to Canada, giving friendship, and practical help to be a part of Canadian life. We help all people, including refugees, and refugee claimants, regardless of their immigration status. Our classes and programs are designed to provide practical learning for Canadian life, as well as opportunities for building friendship, community and conversation skills.

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What We Do

We offer classes to learn English (as an additional language), and Pronunciation Classes to help newcomers correct English sounds and practice relaxed speech.

We help people preparing to write their Canadian citizenship exam, or people who simply want to learn more about Canadian ways of life, government and history.

We enjoy community and meet new people while learning traditional Canadian style baking and cooking (using Canadian standards, ovens, recipes, etc.), or sharing recipes and foods from our home countries with each other. People also learn how to substitute healthier ingredients into recipes as well as Canadian tips to shop for and value nutrition.

People can come to learn to knit or sew while making new friends and practicing English skills.

We give women new to Canada opportunities to learn skills in sewing and needlework. They receive mentorship to market their quality handcrafted items.

New Canadians can stop by the Café for free snacks and drinks and to visit and share stories and friendship with other newcomers to Canada and with our volunteers.

Our childcare offers a safe and fun learning environment by providing age-appropriate activities including Bible stories, songs, activities and games. Childcare is offered for parents of preschool children who attend morning classes. The Family Circle provides a space for newcomers to discuss parenting challenges in a new culture, share ideas, and encourage one another.

ESL Bible studies introduce the Bible to those curious about the Christian faith in an easy to understand English format; Bible studies in other languages offer community and discipleship in a newcomer’s mother tongue.

We offer a variety of workshops to help newcomers settle in Calgary, such as Job Skills, Resume Support, Financial Health, Understanding Canadian Culture, and more.



Refugee Friendship Program

Centre Street Church cares about refugees because Jesus cares about refugees. He calls us to love and welcome them not as strangers but as those who belong here with us.

We invite individuals, community groups and families in the church community to support refugees through the Refugee Friendship Program.

This friendship program connects you with a Refugee Claimant family to provide social and integrative support for their first year in Calgary.

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Our Future Home

We are looking forward to how we will be able to serve more people new to Canada through the Centre for the City.

Once construction is complete, we’ll be bringing together our Compassionate Ministries and the New Canadian Friendship Centre in a dedicated new space of 11,077 square feet that will help us:

  • Support even more newcomers to Canada through the New Canadian Friendship Centre by:
    • Increasing our capacity for English Classes, workshops and other supports.
    • Increasing our capacity for building relationships through community gatherings and events
    • Increasing our capacity to meet newcomer needs by working closely with Compassionate Ministries to serve the most vulnerable together
    • Increasing opportunities for newcomers to be welcomed into church community


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