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God is continuing to build His church, not in spite of the pandemic, but through the pandemic. More people are finding new or renewed hope in Christ in their pursuit of answers, help, community and meaning during these challenging times.

This spring and summer, we are entering a prayer journey. We are praying and believing God will continue to draw people to Himself, and that He will equip and strengthen us to truly be the church in the community with thousands of people out on mission and thousands of people participating at church (online or in-person) ready to welcome people who are seeking deeper purpose.

Prayer Map

We want to cover the streets of Calgary, Airdrie, and area in prayer. We want to be praying for our families friends, neighbours, coworkers, and all our neighbourhood streets, that each of them will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.



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We are excited for the day when we see this prayer map and all our neighbourhoods and streets completely covered by the prayers of God’s people on mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the world. We are even more excited to see those prayers being answered, one heart, one life, one family and one community at a time.


Campus Prayer Walk - Stay Tuned

This summer, we will also have a guided Central Campus prayer walk, inviting everyone into prayer for the future of our church, and our expansion projects, so that as we pray for people across our city, we are also covering our church in prayer to receive them.

More information is coming soon. In the meantime, be praying for the future of the church.

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