Brad and Emily Morrice

Église du Plateau

Montreal, QC

Brad is a church planter in Montréal, Québec. Their church plant, Église du Plateau, launched in March of 2014.

Brad and Emily live in an influential neighbourhood of 100,000 people which, according to the most recent census, is the least religious place in the whole province. Église du Plateau was the first French evangelical church in the entire neighbourhood.

Their dream is to see a movement of multiplying French churches begin to spread throughout their neighbourhood, the city of Montréal, and the French-speaking world.

Brad and Emily have three kids, Lily, Olivier, and Chloé.


Chris and Yanci McGregor

City Church

Montreal, QC

Chris and Yanci McGregor, who met at Dallas Seminary, have been married for 16 years. Chris is from Ottawa, while Yanci grew up in a cattle ranching family in West Texas. They have two hockey-loving boys: Sterling, who is 12, and Kingston, who is 9.

The McGregors moved to Montreal from Dallas after both receiving a burden from God to plant a dynamic church for this world-class, but very lost city. After moving to a city where they didn’t know anyone, God has been working to build a culturally diverse, yet unified community of several hundred people. They celebrated their fifth anniversary in September this past year.


Christian Lachance


Quebec City, QC

Mosaic Church started with a vision to reach people who don't know God and help them to meet Him in an understandable way. We were committed to living out the gospel with love, grace and hope; to make disciples and to also engage in community transformation and make long-term difference in the city. Our mission is to do ministry with joy, simplicity, and passion!

Christian is pastor/planter of Mosaic community church in Quebec City. He has been married for 25 years to Caroline, a photographer. Together they have 3 daughters: two biological, Elie-Anne 22 , Juliette, 18 and a daughter adopted from China 10 years ago, Zoe-Samuelle Bei.


Luc and Lise Chaussé

L’Église dans Lanaudière

L'Assomption, QC

On a trip to Mexico, we were led to go to a mission where we met Jesus and served for 5 years. We had 3 small children and got a 4th one after we came back. All the time we were there, we knew our people in Quebec had more suffering than Mexican people because of their spiritual void and bad choices. So we came back with the goal of spreading the Gospel and be witness of what He had done for us.

God opened doors as we shared Jesus in our work and social areas. As a doctor, I could share the hope God gives with my patients and Lise could share Jesus with her volunteers and needy people in St-Vincent of Paul, a ministry in which she has been president for 6 years.

So after some years discipling the people who accepted the Lord in our home, we planted a Church at the end of 2012 that grew from 40 to about 130 since. We want to reach our community and God opens doors everywhere. Our vision is to encourage the Church to get involved in all areas of our society, bring Jesus with them and show to the people that He is the hope, the joy, the healing and the peace they are all looking for.  It works, because the Church does it and God is backing us up touching lives. Praise Him, and thank you for support! Thanks for believing that Jesus will reach French Canada as He is doing in English Canada.


Benjamin and Véronique Desruisseaux

Point Claire

W. Montreal, QC

Benjamin and Véronique live in the West Island of Montreal with their 4 children. They are passionate about proclaiming the Gospel in all its forms by seeking to represent Jesus in their neighborhood. In the last 20 years they have been youth pastors, associate pastors, and now church planters. When they plant a church, all members of the family are involved.

They are looking to start a movement of house churches on the West side of Montreal in Vaudreuil. The mission of the church is to present Jesus Christ to their neighbors and their colleagues. The vision is to reach those who are far from God and make them disciples who will engage their neighbourhood and workplace with gospel intentionality. They believe that God wants to reach the people of Quebec with the Good News, not only sharing what Jesus did, but also what Jesus is doing through genuine churches centered on the gospel.

By reaching the West Island of Montreal with the Gospel, their hope is to play a small role in the great mission of Jesus to seek and save all who are far from God.







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