Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

Centre Street Church offers Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards (SBA) to students who are members or adherents of CSC and who are attending accredited post-secondary institutions preparing for or enhancing their skills for Christian Ministry.

Emerging Leader Scholarship

The CSC Emerging Leader Scholarship provides scholarships up to $5,000 per school year to eligible students who are enrolled in a full-time capacity at an accredited post-secondary educational institution and engaged in a field of study that better equips the student for full-time Christian Ministry.

Eligible students must exhibit a commitment to Christian Ministry, including demonstrated leadership qualities through involvement within CSC or CSC’s affiliated ministries.

CSC Emerging Leader Scholarship Application forms for the Fall Semester (September start) must be completed & returned no later than March 30th. Students awarded a CSC Emerging Leader Scholarship will have 50% of the award advanced to their post-secondary institution in September and the remaining 50% of the award advanced to their post-secondary institution in January, provided the student continues their studies.


The CSC Rocky Mountain College Bursary

This bursary provides tuition assistance to students enrolled full-time (9 or more credit hours per semester) or part-time (up to 8 credit hours per semester) at Rocky Mountain College (RMC). The value of the bursary is up to $1,500 per school year per full-time student, and up to $750 per school year per part-time student.

Interested Students should complete the CSC RMC Bursary Application form (see below) and then contact a CSC ministry leader for a recommendation to be considered for this bursary.

Fall Semester (September start) applications should be completed & returned no later than May 30th. Students who receive a Fall Semester Bursary will automatically be considered for a Winter Semester Bursary, as long as the student continues their studies at RMC.

Winter Semester (January start) applications should be completed and returned no later than September 30th.


Information for Donors

CSC members and adherents who have a heart and a vision to advance the Kingdom of God, through the education of our future leaders, may consider donating directly to the SBA Funds. By doing so, an increasing number of scholarships, bursaries and awards can be provided to support the education of our future leaders. For example, donations of $150,000 can provide approximately $5,000 in ongoing annual scholarship awards.

Donors can designate to the SBA Funds by:

1. Writing “Scholarship” or “SBA” on their offering envelope.
2. Contacting Chris Yu when making a donation through Online Giving.

CSC recognizes that some donors may wish to make a more significant donation to the education of students that would benefit the Kingdom of God on a long-term basis, either presently or through future estate planning. Individuals who are considering this option should contact the SBA Committee, in order to discuss details before making any donation or adjustment to estate planning. Individual donors are advised to consult their own personal financial advisors for tax and estate planning advice.


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