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What causes people to grow spiritually?

What causes people to grow spiritually? Churches are starting to learn that attendance at church events by itself does not necessarily help people grow spiritually, and that instead, people seem to grow significantly when they have taken personal responsibility for their own spiritual growth. At CSC, we are passionate about helping one another pursue God, relationship, mission, generosity and simplicity, and our weekend services and church ministries reflect this. However, if we are really going to take off in terms of our spiritual growth and maturity and impact our communities for Christ as a result, we need to take responsibility for our own spiritual growth and seek out resources that will help us grow in the areas God is leading us to pursue.

The problem is that there are so many resources. How is a person to know where to start, and which ones are any good? The CSC Toolbox is being designed for just that purpose – to give people a starting point for spiritual growth in the key areas of life. It is very important that the resources or “tools” provided here are not simply learned in isolation, but in conversation with 2-3 others, or perhaps with your small group or family. The Toolbox is a collection of resources that focus on a variety of areas that can be found below.

Knowing & Developing Yourself

Discovering Yourself


Building Relationships

Spiritual Friendship

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