Cam & Samantha Abbott

The Compass Church - South

Regina, SK

Cam and Sam Abbott have been married for almost 7 years. Following 4 years at Millar College of the Bible, they made Cam’s hometown of Regina, their home. Sam is currently a stay-at-home mom with their 3 kids with a 4th on the way. You can often find Cam and Sam at the local park, participating in recreational sports, walking paths or at community events with their family.

“God has called to us to plant a church in the community of Harbour landing. This is a brand-new community in the southwest corner of Regina. Our passion is to see followers of Jesus understand and speak the gospel into everyday life and to equip disciples to be the church as we scatter each week. Our team constantly references Acts 17:26 that God has chosen the exact time and places that people dwell. So our neighbours, coworkers, and unique circle of influence are the people and places that we are called to show and share the love of Jesus. By God’s grace, as we commit to seeing disciple make disciples we will also be church that plants churches.







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