Centre for the City

Steven Griffin/ Global Ministries Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend 2021, we are excited to celebrate what God has been doing in and amongst our people at Centre Street Church. God has not called us to serve only ourselves but he has entrusted us to serve and represent him in 2 amazing cities locally, Airdrie and Calgary. Celebrate Global Ministries weekend with us as we focus on how we as a church can be 4 the City. We will share stories from the New Canadian Friendship Centre and Compassionate Ministries rejoicing in God’s movement amongst the people that he has entrusted to us to care for and serve. We will celebrate, how he chooses to use each one of us to impact our communities, cities and world. Finally, we will call us all to action joining God as he leads us to be For the City and not simply for ourselves. This Thanksgiving weekend we celebrate that we are 4 the City.