A Living Sacrifice

Henry Schorr/ Romans

When we surrender control of our lives to Jesus, He starts the process of transforming us – helping us take on the mind of Christ and see life through His eyes. An idol is something we worship instead of the true God – a thing that prevents us from loving God with our whole heart, soul and mind. Idolatry is the enemy of being transformed to be more like Christ. Here are five questions that can help us detect idols and focus our worship back on God: The thing I’d be most worried about losing is _________________? The thing I’d be most worried about never attaining is __________________?  Throughout my life what have I been most willing to sacrifice for?  What has made me most bitter in life? Whose approval do I seek? Prayer: As you consider these questions, ask God to show anything you might be worshipping instead of Him. Repent of any idolatry and ask God to help you surrender to Him and be a living sacrifice.