Children's Ministry

Leading the next generation

We'd love for you to find out more about events happening within Children's Ministry, like intergenerational gatherings where parents & children join together to engage in simple yet intentional rhythms where spiritual formation happens for all! Various times as planned by the family leaders.

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We are giving our leaders a well deserved weekend off! There is no Children's Ministry program this weekend, August 4 and 5. Please worship together as a family in the main service.

Infants & Toddlers

10:30am, Sun

A quiet room where parents and infant/toddler children gather to hear and see (view through the glass) the sermon while their children can play, crawl about and be cared for.



10:30am, Sun

Age specific lessons and Bible stories capture the kid's attention while ineractive activities allow them to engage with all their senses.


K - Grade 4

This group of children are learning the joy of being 'in community' with others who know and love Jesus. Bible stories, prayer, singing and fun activities help these children worship and come to know Jesus better.


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