Life Journey Facilitators

Volunteer, Central


mercy, hospitality, administration

Tuesdays & Thursdays (9:00 AM- 12:00 PM)

The Life Journey Facilitator meets with neighbours who desire assistance, connection or support in an ongoing way.  They use a “First Step” or “Life Budget” as a centerpiece for a second meeting in order to further assess their situation and devise an action plan.  The focus of this meeting and its process is life change predicated on fullness of life and ongoing discipleship.


  • Meet with those who are wishing to continue with ongoing support
  • Complete “First Step” or “Life Budget” and keep record of meetings on the Forms and the Rock
  • Provide encouragement and support 
  • Provide resources and information as needed to the people we meet
  • Be ready to share your faith story when the opportunity presents itself


  • Understanding of, and agreement with our Statement of Faith, Principles & Beliefs


  • Opportunity to serve God & others
  • Connection with CSC community
  • Opportunity to share Jesus’ love in practical ways

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